Garden Grove Unified School District Announces Air Conditioning Schedule

Rosita receives air conditioning

Garden Grove Unified School District’s Board of Education is pleased to announce its schedule to complete air conditioning (a/c) in all schools by 2020.  Currently 56 campuses have school-wide air conditioning with the remaining 12 schools set to receive a/c during the summer of 2019 and 2020.

The schedule of completion includes Crosby, Evans, Excelsior, Morningside, Murdy, Peters K-3 and Riverdale elementary schools which are set to receive a/c during the summer of 2019 and Brookhurst, Cook, Lawrence, Marshall and Mitchell elementary schools to receive a/c during the summer of 2020. 

“We are grateful for the support of our community which has helped fund modernized schools and 21st century learning environments, complete with air conditioning,” said Bob Harden, Board of Education president.  “The completion of district-wide air conditioning is an exciting milestone.  While it has been a multi-year project, the Board and district leaders were committed to finishing the job while remaining fiscally responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Just five years ago, only 15 of the district’s schools had a/c.  Most GGUSD schools were built prior to a/c becoming a standard element of school design and construction. In 2010, GGUSD voters approved Measure A, the district’s first bond measure which paved the way for a/c by upgrading infrastructure and electrical systems.  The Board of Education made a commitment to bring a/c to all schools beginning with an allocation of district facility funds to get started. The successful passage of the district’s second bond measure, Measure P, in 2016, will provide for the completion of district-wide air conditioning. 

The first issuance of Measure P bond funds came in April 2017 and district leaders have worked hard to reduce the air conditioning implementation schedule down from ten years to four years.